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Albert Ménès Genuine French "Petit-Beurre" Biscuits with Dark Chocolate

French Gastronomic Elegance


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Savor the quintessence of French patisserie with Albert Ménès's Genuine French "Petit-Beurre" Biscuits from Lorient, enveloped in dark chocolate - a confection steeped in culinary tradition.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Cradled in the historic region of Brittany, Albert Ménès’s Petit Beurre biscuits are the apotheosis of French confectionery. Inhale deeply, and you’re enveloped by the aroma of deeply roasted cocoa beans, followed by hints of creamy richness, brought forth by the finest Brittany butter, all gently underscored by the oceanic whispers of Guérande sea salt. The bite into these storied treasures reveals a concert of sensations: the crisp snap of the biscuit, the luscious melt of its buttery heart, and the decadent dark chocolate coating that indulges the palate with notes of coffee, tobacco, and an echo of ancient forests. More than simply a biscuit, this culinary masterpiece encapsulates the savory dance of salty and sweet, delivering a sensorial harmony that speaks of its origins - from the temperate climes of Lorient to the traditional savoir-faire in preservation and craftsmanship. The unique textures are meticulously balanced - firm and refined, allowing each layer to maintain its individuality while contributing to a symphony of tastes.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Morning Indulgence: Start the day by dipping these biscuits into your morning coffee for an elevated breakfast experience.
  • Afternoon Delight: Perfect alongside a cup of Earl Grey tea, providing a blissful break in your day.
  • Dessert Companion: Crumble and sprinkle over vanilla bean ice cream for a sophisticated textural contrast.
  • Cheeseboard Charisma: Introduce them to a platter featuring soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert to impress guests with a harmonious interplay of flavors.

    A Nibble of History

The origin of the legendary ‘Petit Beurre’ biscuit is as enthralling as its taste, tracing back to the city of Nantes in 1886, birthed by the innovative Louis Lefèvre-Utile. Each biscuit’s design, with 24 indents, four ear-shaped corners, and 52 teeth along the edges, holds symbolic meaning, encompassing the hours of the day, the seasons, and the weeks in a year respectively. Sharing such trivia offers a glimpse into the profound history interwoven in the fabric of French culinary artistry, elevating the experience of tasting beyond mere consumption to an act of partaking in historical legacy.

Storage Instructions

To maintain their integral quality, store these biscuits in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight and extreme temperature variations.