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Motta Panettone Traditional

A Christmas Tradition


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Introduce your loved ones to the original Panettone recipe that made this sweetened cake-like bread world famous. Coming from the stables of the same firm which made it famous, the Motta Panettone is enriched with raisins, butter, fresh eggs, and candied orange peels, creating the perfect taste, scent, and texture that we all love and treasure during the holidays.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

A rich slice of the Motta Italian bread consists of lots of flavoring, candied orange peels, raisins, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, and milk. At first meet, your piece of Motta Panettone releases an alluring vanilla-like aroma that draws you closer only to take a bite. Each bite exposes you to a diversity of sweetened flavors, leaving you relishing every moment. The dough itself is airy and light rising three times higher than the ancient variant. The fruits caress your palate with their quite moist and crunchy nature giving off their own flavor to your delight. Then you are left with soft candied pieces that fit right in your mouth, with all these leading to the perfect Christmas dessert of all time.


Panettone, the once Milan circulated flat cake dough, now sits at the homes of various lovers from America to the East as the perfect gift, perfect desert, and the only tall cake-like bread for the yuletide, Easter, holidays, and even when craving for something extraordinary sweet, fulling, and nutritious. Pairing your cut of Motta Panettone isn’t difficult. This Italian bread can match finely with any contrasting or complementing beauty you throw at it.

On Christmas, you can have it paired with your hot chocolate, chocolate spread, eggnog, ice cream or even your favorite heartwarming tea. You will find yourself feeling completely taking in the festive mood.

You can also choose to match this Panetonne with a glass of Duval-Leory Brut Champagne or G.D. Vajra Moscato D’Asti.

Rich Italian History

Each time you hand over a Christmas basket containing Panettone or each time you down a slice, you are partaking in a rich Italian history that dates centuries back to the Roman Empire. The origin of this rich Italian cake-like dough is tied to varying legends. The two most accepted across all of Italy is in the name Toni.

The first Legend talks about a noble named Ughetto Degli Atellani who wanted to marry Adalgisa, the daughter of a poor baker, Toni, in the 1400s. To win over her heart, he feigned being a baker and unintentionally invented a bread filled with butter, eggs, yeast, candied peel, and raisins. The bread was so famous that the Italian duke at the time, Ludovica il Moro Sforza fostered its growth and acceptance with the name Pan del Ton “Toni’s Bread”

Another legend describes a man named Toni, a helper to the Court Chef, who invented this dough by including everything he had available to serve as a dessert as the Chef didn’t feel what he had prepared was good enough.

Regardless of which legend is true, Panettone became famous again at the hands of Angelo Motta, the name behind the renown company, Motta, in 1919, who brought a new twist to the traditional flat Italian sweet cake-like bread. His version was made to rise three to seven times higher than the original Panettone while filling it up with raisins, flavorings, candied orange peels, and lots more. Soon his Panettone became famous, and a rival arrived using the same recipe. Together, both companies led Panettone from an Italian home Christmas dessert to a worldwide industry offering Panettone to the rest of the world.

Storage Instructions

Serve at room temperature. An opened Panettone can last as long as 45 days in room temperature given that it is stored back inside its keep fresh bag. Do not throw out the bag. Store your leftover Panttone inside the bag and reseal before bringing out to serve again. Does not need refrigeration.

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