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Bauli Il Pandoro di Verona

Golden Bread


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Partake in the overwhelming love shared by all Italians on Christmas and new years by treating yourself to a delicious bite of Pandoro di Verona. Made with lots of love and following the traditional recipe, your sweet Pandoro di Verona bread cake is fluffy, super sweet, and smells like Christmas.

Tasting Notes from The Curator

Bauli pandoro is made up of wheat flour, fresh eggs, butter, natural yeast (gluten), sugar, milk, cocoa butter, and flavorings. The star-shaped bread is then kissed with vanilla toppings on its frustum body, leaving you with an appealing, tasty, and aromatic Italian bread that reminds you of winter, Christmas, and the story of Romeo and Juliet.


Bauli takes time, love, and the hands of experts to prepare. Its natural yeast and leavening process give it the inimitable softness it possesses. The same many have come to note and love all over the world. You can pick it up to serve as your preferred desert just like panettone or send it as your good wishes gift to another during the festive moments.

Pairing your Pandoro isn’t an issue at all, as it can easily combine with whatever complementing or contrasting ingredients you throw at it. For starters, you can fill yours with cream, custard, chocolate, or mascarpone cheese as well as almonds or other fruits. Then help yourself to a glass of wine during your new year or Christmas moment, and a cup of your favorite espresso after lunch.

There are a variety of slicing styles for this cake: Star slices are done when cut from side-to-side in approximately 3/4 inch slices. Traditional slices are presented by slicing in wedges from top to bottom. Serve as desired.

Ancient Art of Breadmaking

Pandoro means golden bread and has a yellow-colored inner body to match. It reminds Italians of the ancient art of breadmaking that dates back to the 1st century during the period of Pliny the Elder. However, the conception date of the traditional recipe of pandoro remains a mystery. Coming from the Shakespearean land of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, bauli pandoro is the masterpiece of Chef Domenico Melegatti on October 30, 1894, who secured a patent for its industrial recipe. Today, Pandoro is synonymous with Christmas and love in Italy and various parts of the world.

Storage Instructions

Serve at room temperature. An opened Pandoro can last as long as 45 days in room temperature given that it is stored back inside its keep fresh bag. Do not throw out the bag. Store your leftover Pandoro inside the bag and reseal before bringing out to serve again. Does not need refrigeration.

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