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Albert Ménès Cheddar and Walnut Galichon Pancake

Bridging Breton Tradition


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Experience the flavors of Brittany with Albert Ménès Cheddar and Walnut Galichon Pancake, a modern twist on a beloved regional treat.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Embark on a gastronomic journey with Albert Ménès’s Cheddar and Walnut Galichon Pancake, an homage to the storied Breton cuisine. The pancake marvels with its powdered aged cheddar, delivering a complex profile of creamy and tangy undertones. This sumptuousness is seamlessly balanced by the earthy, nutty embrace of natural walnuts, toasted to the brink of bitterness for a profound tannic depth. As the rich cheddar encounters the walnut’s nutty embrace, a symphony of flavors ensues—here lies the uniqueness. The inclusion of yeast and barley malt extract further complicates matters; amidst the savory depth lies a sweetness with a roasted character. What strikes one most is the texture—an alchemy of creamy powder and butterfat achieves a velvety consistency that caresses the palate. As the galichon coalesces with wheat flour and vegetable fats, the result is a structure with balanced density that carries the flavors dutifully, punctuated by glucose syrup and maltodextrin that lend chewiness and a cohesiveness enabling a gradual release of this culinary narrative.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Cheese Boards: The cheddar notes yearn to converse with a soft goat cheese, a ruddy taleggio.
  • Fruit Pairings: The walnut tones find companionship in the tartness of Granny Smith apples, the lushness of ripe pears.
  • Wines: Might I suggest a robust Burgundy, or perhaps the bright notes of a Chenin Blanc?
  • Non-alcoholic: For the abstinent, a sparkling elderflower cordial or a precisely brewed cup of Earl Grey tea.

    At the Heart of Breton Gastronomy

Within the storied realm of Brittany, lies a sentimental treasure: the ‘galichon,’ the last crepe of the batch, traditionally bestowed upon the youngest at the communal table—a gesture embodying care and familial intimacy. This Albert Ménès Cheddar and Walnut Galichon Pancake embodies such traditions, a cradle of Breton ingenuity where dairy farming meets crepe-making craftsmanship. The region, known for its crepes and galettes, has perfected the use of local ingredients. Brittany’s cool, maritime climate nurtures pastures for dairy cattle, lending splendidly to the rich, local cheeses that characterize its fare. Discussing the Galichon Pancake invites nostalgia and warmth, a toast to familial love set against the backdrop of Brittany’s fertile fields and rich culinary heritage.

Storage Instructions

To safeguard the integrity of the Albert Ménès Galichon Pancake, store in a cool, dry place absent of sunlight. After opening, ensure the product is tightly sealed to maintain freshness.