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Schofferhofer Hefeweizen NaturtrĂĽb Wheat Beer

A tradition of flavor


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Sensual and unconventional, the Schöfferhofer Wheat Beer, or Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen is full-bodied, with floral aromas and rich flavors, with notes of clove.
Germany Europe


The first wheat beer outside Bavaria, the Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen (Wheat Beer) is traditionally brewed with wheat malt, and is unfiltered, with an ABV of 5%. It has a pale, hazy, naturally cloudy appearance, with an orangey color. This full-bodied beer is often said to be the champagne of wheat beers, and is elegant and vibrant.

It has a slightly sweet, floral aroma on the nose, blooming into a rich yeast flavor. On the palate, you get notes of cloves and spices, with hints of banana, lemon zest, and slight hop bitterness.


Pair the Schöfferhofer Wheat Beer with classic German fare, like sausages and pretzels. It’s also great with smoky hams, some roast chicken or pork, hot smoked salmon, and lobster rolls. If you want to continue enjoying it through to dessert, it’s great with apple tarts.


Schöfferhofer is the first wheat beer outside of Bavaria, embracing modernity instead of clinging onto old traditions. The brewery was founded in Mainzer Schöfferhof, the former home of revolutionary German printer, Peter Schöffer. In fact, its logo depicts a portrait of Peter Schöffer. It’s brewed in Mainz, and its first wheat beer, the Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen, was brewed in 1978.

To this day, Schöfferhofer remains a trailblazer, with the first Hefeweizen grapefruit beer in the world being produced by them, and launched in 2007. Both their original and flavored beers have taken German and world markets by storm, becoming in-demand and garnering numerous praises.

Storage Instructions

Store beer bottles upright to prevent yeast rings from appearing. They must be kept in a cool, dark place at approximately 13°C. Don’t allow beer to be caught in bright light for long periods of time to prevent it from attaining a “skunky” taste.

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