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Westmalle Tripel Trappist Beer 4Pc Bundle

Forceful but Elegantly Creamy

Made by monks in the famed West­malle Trap­pist abbey, this is one of three beers that has been made in the brew­ery on the abbey premis­es since 1934. It is wide­ly acknowl­edged as the first Tripel beer in the world.


Like all Tripels, the West­malle beer uses thrice the amount of ingre­di­ents as reg­u­lar Bel­gian beer, giv­ing it both its strong fla­vor and high alco­hol con­tent. It has 9.5 per­cent ABV and is gold­en-yel­low in col­or with amaz­ing­ly fruity aro­mas of ripe banana and a sub­tle hop­pi­ness on the nose. It is a full-mouthed beer with finesse and ele­gance, a creamy mouth­feel, and a fruity aro­ma. It has a dry, lin­ger­ing fin­ish. The beer is slow-brewed and refer­ment­ed in the bot­tle, cre­at­ing its com­plex flavors. 


Wine drinkers who aren’t nor­mal­ly beer-drinkers will appre­ci­ate the com­plex­i­ty of Bel­gian beers. Tripels are good match­es for salty nuts like Fin­ca La Ros­ala Truf­fle Mar­cona Almonds and pun­gent cheeses like gou­da. Trap­pist beers like this one pair well with choco­late because the com­bined mild fruit and spice fla­vors of the beer match up with dark choco­late with high cacao con­tent. The cit­ric notes make it a viable part­ner for shell­fish and the her­by qual­i­ties match it well with basil-cen­tric, pesto-laden dish­es. It works well with fruity desserts like rasp­ber­ry pie, too.


First brewed in 1934, this beer is con­sid­ered the moth­er of all Tripels because it inspired sev­er­al oth­er brew­eries in the region. It was intro­duced at the very open­ing of the brew­ery in the monastery and the recipe has only been adjust­ed once, in 1956. The brew­ery funds the abbey, though mod­ern-day monks only func­tion as over­seers and are no longer involved in the actu­al brew­ing process. All extra funds go to char­i­ties and social projects for the bet­ter­ment of the imme­di­ate community.

Storage Instructions

Store beer bot­tles upright to pre­vent yeast rings from appear­ing. They must be kept in a cool, dark place at approx­i­mate­ly 13°C. Don’t allow beer to be caught in bright light for long peri­ods of time to pre­vent it from attain­ing a ​“skunky” taste.

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