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Bordier Vanilla Yogurt

Refined Indulgence for Gourmands

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Discover Bordier Vanilla Yogurt, where the luxury of silky Brittany cream meets the exotica of natural vanilla in a perfect marriage of taste and tradition.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

In the cosmology of high-end dairy, Bordier Vanilla Yogurt emerges as a celestial body of flavor and texture. With each taste, the discerning palate is greeted with an odyssey through lush Brittany pastures. It’s an intricate dance of notes— a bouquet of quintessential vanilla, harvested at its aromatic zenith, waltzes harmoniously with the lusciousness of whole cow’s milk. The cream’s richness unfurls across the tongue, laying bare the comfort of tradition and artistry. This texture, thick yet caressing like velveteen, underlines the terroir-driven authenticity, as it is suffused with the environmental idiosyncrasies of its geographic genesis. Distinct from its commercially available kin, it doesn’t merely rest on the laurels of taste alone; it insists on a confluence of curatorial grandeur and sustainably minded procurement that narrates an opus of gastronomical and ethical confluence.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Enhance your breakfast parfait by layering this yogurt with fresh berries and granola.
  • Elevate fruit salads by adding a dollop to bring creamy sweetness to every bite.
  • Create a gourmet smoothie base, blending the yogurt with tropical fruits for a rich and smooth texture.
  • Use as a substitute for dessert toppings, complementing pies and puddings with its creamy vanilla flavor.
  • A natural pairing with baked goods, add it to your batter for a moist and tender cake, or serve alongside scones and pastries.
  • Experiment with savory dishes, incorporating the yogurt into dressings, marinades, or as a tenderizing agent for meats.

    The Epicurean Narratives of Bordier

Nestled in the verdant pastures of Brittany, France, is where Bordier’s tale unfolds, interweaving the saga of dairy perfection with eco-conscious traditions. Each spoonful of Bordier Vanilla Yogurt convoys a narrative of sustainability, loyalty to regionality, and the echoing prestige of Jean-Yves Bordier’s milieu. Conversing about Bordier is not merely a discussion on gastronomy; it is an homage to the ancestral prowess and the delicate ballet of flora and fauna that find their crescendo in every opulent mouthful.

Storage Instructions

Store Bordier Vanilla Yogurt refrigerated at 1-5°C (34-41°F) and consume by the ‘best before’ date or within a few days post-opening.