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Antipodes Still Mineral Water

Nature's Purest Elixir

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Antipodes Still Mineral Water is a premium offering sourced from an aquifer in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. Boasting carbon-zero certification, this water carries the distinct flavor profile, smooth texture, and absolute purity of its natural origin.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Purity is the heart and soul of Antipodes Still Mineral Water. Harvested from an undisturbed aquifer, deep beneath the surface of New Zealand’s beautiful Bay of Plenty, this water captures the essence of untouched nature. Its flavor profile is a testament to the pristine nature of its sources, boasting a clean, crisp taste that sets it apart from other mineral waters. Devoid of any overpowering or artificial notes, its refreshing taste is balanced smoothly by its striking natural aroma. This distinct flavor and scent profile, characterized by understated elegance, makes Antipodes a truly unique proposition in the realm of premium waters. The sublime texture further underscores the finesse of this water, allowing drinkers to delight in a remarkable, velvety mouthfeel. Its minimalistic mineral composition preserves the water’s uncontaminated quality, amplifying the enjoyment and appreciation of its natural, unparalleled purity.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Refreshing On Its Own: Serve chilled to enjoy its invigorating natural flavors, making it an excellent choice for quenching thirst on both regular days and during special events.

  • Culinary Complement: Its crisp, clean flavor makes it the perfect companion to fine dining experiences, complementing a wide variety of dishes without overwhelming the palate.

  • Cocktail Base: Use it as an unadulterated base for creating refined cocktails and mocktails. Its pure taste adds depth to the flavors of fruits and spirits without detracting from their distinct identities.

    A Journey from Earth’s Depth to Your Lips

Originating from the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand, this water holds the prestige of being sourced from an aquifer formed within ignimbrite rock formations, naturally purifying it while enhancing its mineral composition. The region is renowned for its commitment to sustainability which aligns with Antipodes’ ethos. The significance of the brand’s carbon-zero certification represents its dedication to preserving the environment and maintaining the purity of its source, thereby ensuring that each bottle of Antipodes Still Mineral Water encapsulates the undiluted taste of nature’s bounty.

Storage Instructions

Store Antipodes Still Mineral Water in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, strong odors and chemicals to maintain its quality and freshness. Ensure the bottle is kept properly sealed to prevent potential contamination. Ideal storage temperature is between 10°C and 20°C. The packaging, crafted from 50% recycled glass, underscores Antipodes’ commitment to sustainability and should be recycled responsibly after use.