Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila

The Bow Tie Duck makes gourmet shopping convenient.

Manila’s foodies and connoisseurs can now get hard to impossible-to-find delicacies delivered to the comfort of their homes.

PARANAQUE, PHILIPPINES - January 28, 2020 -, a Luxury Online Grocery platform, launched after months of preparation. Gourmets can now order delicacies that were hard or impossible to find until now. The online service promises delivery in most parts of Metro Manila in 48 hours. Some items like air-flown french Oysters from Normandy are on pre-order only and take a week to arrive.

The Bow Tie Duck is working with some of the best importers in the country. It provides Oscietre Caviar, live Lobsters, live Alaskan King Crabs, Foie Gras, Truffles, fine Wines and other delicacies.

“Our relationship with food is changing”, said Raizza N. Encinas, Bow Tie Duck’s General Manager and Queen Curator. “We see more people in the country trying new flavors from around the world. They have seen an inspiring post on social media, or they traveled and discovered new dishes. They now want to continue having these special experiences with food at home.

“It’s a tremendous change as we see a steady rise in the foodie community. They understand that great quality comes from centuries of local traditions. Amazing food is the result of the special interaction between nature and humanity,” she continues.

“What we do at The Bow Tie Duck is curate the best ingredients while explaining the background of each. We are not another online grocery delivery store. We are a place where we honour the cultural impact of food in humanity’s history.”

Starting with a small catalog of around 75 products, the website aims to become the country’s leader for luxury products. It is planning to grow its offering to 1000 products by the end of 2020.

The Bow Tie Duck is accessible at .

Raizza N. Encinas, General Manager & Queen Curator,