100% Yuzu Juice - Oita Chitosemura Mutenka Yuzu

Intensely Aromatic with a Unique Citrus Flavor

A little goes a long way with this intensely aromatic citrus. Sharp, sour, and sweetly intoxicating, Oita Chitosemura Mutenka Yuzu Juice brings a unique fragrance and a vibrant burst of citrus to any dish you prepare!

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With an intensely floral and refreshing aroma, the taste of Oita Chitosemura Mutenka Yuzu Juice can only be described as entirely its own. While comparable to a blend of Meyer lemons, mandarin oranges and grapefruits, its flavour is not as astringent as grapefruit nor as sour as a lemon. The aroma and flavour of the Yuzu juice is sweetly floral, a bright sharpness but without an excessive tang.

In fact, one of the reasons why Yuzu juice is quite expensive is that it’s one of the few citrus fruits that can withstand high cooking temperatures without compromising its tartness/sourness and given that it only produces minimal juice per fruit, it is quite hard to source. Yuzu is only grown in Japan and select Asian countries.

Elegant with an intense fragrance and umami flavor, this Yuzu Juice adds a marvelous citrus touch to any dish or dessert.


While possible to eat this fruit freshly sliced, this isn’t the most popular use for yuzus as they have a lot of large seeds and a thick rind. Rather, it is more typically used as a natural flavouring.

Traditionally used to make Japanese ponzu sauce and Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad) and Yuzu cocktails, Yuzu has become a darling of chefs everywhere. Celebrity Chef James Martin offers a great recipe for a yuzu mayonnaise to drizzle over sesame salmon while English food writer and journalist Nigel Slater provides a delicious yuzu dressing for his crab and apple slaw.

If you have a sweet tooth just like us, we recommend whipping up a lovely Yuzu and Ginger Macarons or add a touch of Yuzu (just a teaspoon or two) to your classic French madeleines for your next afternoon tea. If you’re looking at something cool, a dessert by Chef Chele Gonzalez of Gallery by Chele created yuzu sorbet paired with Chef Gaggan Anand’s spicing and it was served during an exclusive four-hand dinner in the Philippines called Cross Cultures.


In Dublin, the flavours of yuzu are paired with luxurious salads of potato and prawn. Italian chefs are whisking yuzu juice with regional olive oil dressings while bartenders in upscale New York hotels are serving yuzu martinis and yuzu-infused sakes, the love of this unique citrus has extended beyond its Far East heritage.

With a history of over 1200 years and origins tracing back to China and Japan, the humble fruit loved by Japan has traveled beyond the Japanese kitchen, its intense fragrance and unique flavor intoxicating the hearts and palates of renowned chefs worldwide.

Known to have a lower acidity and far more stimulating aromatics than western citrus, Yuzus are favored by chefs for its ability to achieve success in almost any application, bringing out the natural flavors of elegant dishes more beautifully than any other citrus fruit.

Store in fridge.

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