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Grassl Glass Elemental Series

Swiss-designed, hand-blown glass


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The Grassl Glass Elemental Series has all the basics you need for your home. Perfect for the casual wine enjoyer, these glasses are durable and lead-free.


Your basics in glassware, essential for every home, the Grassl Glass Elemental Series is also perfect to give as gifts this holiday season. Every home needs these basics, and these, in particular, are dishwasher-safe, lead-free, durable, and functional.

They’re available in four variants, each with a specific use, and each designed in Switzerland, and mouth-blown in Slovakia:

  • Champagne – This glass has a long stem, a narrow bottom, and a wide middle. It is perfect for sparkling drinks like Champagne and Prosecco. It can hold 310mL)
  • Versatile – An all-rounder, this glass has a wide bottom and a long stem. It’s perfect for all white, red, and rosé wines, and holds 420mL.
  • Water – A stemless glass with a wide bottom, this is perfect for any drink, from water to juice, to red, white, and rosé wines. It holds 300mL.
  • Carafe – This is a flask used for serving, and is great for aeration and separating sediments in red, white, and rosé wines. It holds 800mL.


Grassl Glass takes immense pride in their craftsmanship and the quality of their glass. In fact, twenty years of glassmaking experience are required for Grassl Glass. In an oxy-fuel fired furnace, soda, dolomite, glassmaking sand, potassium, potassium oxide, and recycled glass are melted into a 1700C hot, lead-free molten mass.

It takes five artisans to produce a single stemmed glass during its hot-shaping phase, which is then followed by a slow-cooling process. They use traditional glass-making techniques, while fashioning glassware that is functional and durable.

Storage Instructions

Store your glassware in a clean and dry place, like open shelves or cupboards. Shelves are ideal, and will keep them from breaking. Long-stemmed glasses should be stored upright.

If storing your glassware for a longer period, wrap each piece in packing paper or newspaper. You can add bubble wrap, as well, for extra protection. Line them carefully in a box, filling any excess space with additional newspaper or packing paper to avoid them banging into each

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