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Folfer Cherries by the Semenzato Farm in Southwest of France

Exotic Delight from France's Southwest Orchards


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Semenzato Farm's Folfer Cherries are an exotic delight hailing from the fertile orchards of Southwest France. These cherries offer a unique blend of sweet and tart flavors, unparalleled in its category.

Tasting notes of the Curator

The Folfer Cherry, a rare variety grown in the lush orchards of Semenzato Farm, offers a unique taste experience. These cherries have a deep red color indicative of their rich flavor profiles. The first bite reveals a burst of sweetness that quickly transitions into a delightful tartness that lingers on your palate. This juxtaposition of sweet and sour sets these cherries apart from their counterparts. Semenzato Farm cultivates these cherries under meticulous care, ensuring each fruit meets the highest quality standards. The result is a cherry that not only tastes exceptional but also has an appealing aesthetic with its glossy skin and firm texture. Whether eaten fresh or used in culinary creations, these cherries add an exotic touch to any gastronomic experience.

Pairings and Suggestions

Folfer Cherries shine when used in both sweet and savory dishes:

  • Sweet Creations: These cherries make for excellent pie fillings or toppings for desserts like cheesecakes and ice creams.
  • Savory Dishes: Try them as an ingredient in salads or as an accompaniment to roast pork or duck.
  • Drinks: Use them to concoct delicious cocktails or simply infuse them in your favorite spirits for an added fruity kick.

A Tale from the Orchard

Semenzato Farm is not just a producer of high-quality fruits; it’s also a champion of biodiversity. The farm prides itself on cultivating rare varieties like the Folfer Cherry, thus contributing to preserving agricultural diversity. So when you relish these delectable cherries, you’re not just enjoying a gastronomic delight; you’re also partaking in preserving our planet’s precious biodiversity.

Storage Instructions

Store these cherries in a cool place away from direct sunlight. To prolong their freshness, refrigerate them but ensure they are dry before storage to prevent spoilage.

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