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Canette des Dombes

Artisanal Delicacy for Gourmets and Chefs


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The Canette des Dombes is a high-quality duck delicacy, esteemed by gastronomes for its tender, juicy and tantalizingly flavorful meat. Produced in small quantities in the picturesque region of Dombes, it is a testament to expert craftsmanship and culinary excellence.

Tasting Notes of the Curator

Originating from the Dombes region, known for its ‘thousand ponds’ and exquisite freshwater fish, the Canette des Dombes is a gastronomic gem because of its superior taste and texture. Showered with a diet composed of balanced local products, this delicacy’s particularly long growth cycle yields a tender and juicy meat with assertive yet delicate flavors. The slow growth, reaching a desirable weight of three kilos in about eleven weeks, gives the meat a unique sweetness and voluptuousness. With its lineage to the Barbarie duck breed and raised on a comprehensive lattice, it is renowned for its dark, sumptuous meat. Dense, elongated fibers give it a robust texture and a mouthfeel that is pleasingly hearty, thus tantalizing the most discerning palate. The taste and texture of this proudly French product have seduced some of the greatest chefs who feature it on their menus, epitomizing French culinary tradition and excellence.

Pairings and Suggestions

  • The Canette des Dombes pairs exquisitely with side dishes like seasoned, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes or classic French ratatouille.
  • Complement this tender meat with a full-bodied red wine, preferably from the Burgundy region, for a sublime gastronomic experience.
  • As a culinary tradition, serve it roasted with aromatic herbs or even glazed with honey or orange for a delightful twist.
  • Its versatility also allows for it to be braised, grilled, or even served cold in salads or terrines.

    An Emblem of the Dombes Region

    The Canette des Dombes is an embodiment of the lush environment and passionate producers of the Dombes region. From the ‘thousand ponds’ came a breed of duck, from the Barbarie lineage, which has adapted to the harsh winters and stands proudly as a testament to the savoir-faire of the region’s artisans. The Canette des Dombes is an authentic part of the regional heritage, a symbol of its rustic toughness and an ambassador of its unparalleled gastronomic excellence.

Storage Instructions

Store in your freezer. Thaw slowly in the refrigerator over night before cooking.

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