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Angelina Traditional Bottled Hot Chocolate

Traditional and Flavorful


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From the grand dame of classic French patisserie, Angelina, comes this take-home bottle of their famous hot chocolate.


This gem of a hot chocolate from the jewel box of sweets that is Angelina is gorgeously rich and flavorful. It is silky and creamy in texture and taste, with the barest of bitter edges to cut through its sweetness. It comes from a close-guarded recipe made with African cacao and zero preservatives, a true testament to superior hot chocolate quality!


Here’s a wonderfully old-fashioned hot chocolate for you! The bottles are meant to be heated in a warm water bath for a few minutes to liquefy the chocolate. Once that happens, you can pour out the bottle’s contents into a cup, stir, and enjoy it just as it is or with a dollop of whipped cream on top. If you can’t get all the chocolate out right away, add a bit of milk to the bottle, replace the cap, and shake it make sure none of that luscious goodness goes to waste!


All the way back in 1903, the confectioner Anton Rumpelmayer founded Angelina in a small art nouveau tearoom along Rue de Rivoli in Paris. This was the height of artistry and intellectual achievement in the French capital, and tearooms were considered the place to be seen. The charm of Angelina’s location, coupled with Rumpelmayer’s exquisite pastries brought to their door the biggest names in French art, literature, and fashion—Proust, Coco Chanel, and many more.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the flavor of your bottled hot chocolate, store it unopened in a cool, dry place. If you see a thin white layer on the surface of the chocolate, don’t worry! It’s just crystallization caused by the chocolate’s high cocoa butter content. Once you’ve opened your bottle, please store it in the fridge and consume it within 48 hours.

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