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Gryphon Chamomile Dream Loose Leaf Tea


Gryphon brings you healĀ­ing in a tea bag. Chamomile is renown across conĀ­tiĀ­nents for its bounĀ­tiĀ­ful healĀ­ing potenĀ­tials. A cup will turn a gloomy day fraught with ill-health into a refreshĀ­ing, rejuĀ­veĀ­natĀ­ing feelĀ­ing that lasts all-day-long. When it isnā€™t tackĀ­ling an ailĀ­ment, Gryphon Chamomile tea paves the way for peaceĀ­fulĀ­ness and tranquility.

TastĀ­ing Notes from The Curator

With a perĀ­fect blend of apple, floĀ­ra tone from chamomile flowĀ­ers and a dash of minty flaĀ­vor from pepĀ­perĀ­mint, this relaxĀ­ationĀ­al drink leaves you with a sweet, light senĀ­saĀ­tion that enerĀ­gizes you instantĀ­ly as you sip a well-brewed cup.


You can always treat yourĀ­self to a cup of Gryphon Chamomile tea at any time of the day for that refreshĀ­ing, reinĀ­vigĀ­oĀ­ratĀ­ing feelĀ­ing. To maxĀ­iĀ­mize its health benĀ­eĀ­fits, take at least 2ā€‰ā€“ā€‰4 cups daiĀ­ly. When you are ready for a drink, dip 2g of your herbal tea in 150ml of hot water at 96Ā°Cā€‰ā€”ā€‰98Ā°C and covĀ­er the teacup with a saucer for 6ā€‰ā€”ā€‰8 minĀ­utes, dependĀ­ing on how intense you want the taste and flaĀ­vor. You can add any preĀ­ferred flaĀ­vorĀ­ing like lemon, and sit back to enjoy each sip.

Known to Heal

Chamomile has been a go-to healĀ­ing herb for peoĀ­ple across the world for thouĀ­sands of years. Itā€™s culĀ­tiĀ­vatĀ­ed as a native plant across Asia, Europe, North AmerĀ­iĀ­ca, and AusĀ­tralia. In the U.S, itā€™s renown as the clasĀ­sic herbal tea ingreĀ­diĀ­ent. A cup or two of this tisane will expose you to its famed medĀ­iĀ­cĀ­iĀ­nal proĀ­file which includes betĀ­ter sleep, skin health, immuĀ­niĀ­ty, reduced musĀ­cle spasm, relief for stomĀ­ach ache, stress relief, and lots more.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. 

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