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Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water

Natural Elegance, Unmissable Refreshment

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Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water, drawn from a deep aquifer in Whakatane, New Zealand, delivers a unique, enticing experience. Characterized by its crisp and clean flavor profile, this mineral water exudes pureness with every sip. It's carbon-neutral, certified organic, and comes in an elegantly minimalistic bottle design.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The allure of Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water lies in its beautifully balanced flavor profile, defined by an unmistakable refreshing crispness. Each sip reveals subtle hints of invigorating minerals, echoing the purity of its source, a deep New Zealand aquifer protected from contaminants. The delicate effervescence enhances the experience, creating an exquisite texture that is pleasing to the palate. It is distinguished by the tight, gentle bead of its bubbles, which burst merrily on the tongue, delivering the cleanest and most refreshing water imaginable. This transparent feast for the senses is a testament to the immaculate New Zealand environment, with naturally occurring silica lending the water a certain softness and depth. The result is a sparkling mineral water par excellence—soothing, elegant, and brimming with the vitality of its origins.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Citrus Salads: Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water subtly complements citrus flavors, making it a delightful accompaniment to citrus salads.

  • Raw Seafood: Its crisp and refreshing character makes it the perfect choice to cleanse the palate when savouring rich raw seafood dishes.

  • Mocktails and Cocktails: This sparkling mineral water breathes life into beverages, enhancing their flavor and adding a tantalizing fizz to cocktails and mocktails.

    Journey from the Depths of the Kiwi Land

Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water has an intriguing origin story rooted in the pristine landscapes of Whakatane, New Zealand. Tapped from a deep aquifer, this mineral water is a direct product of the region’s enviable geographical location and untouched environment. The depth of the aquifer ensures natural protection from contaminants, resulting in water that’s strikingly pure and clean. Passing through layers of volcanic rock—a natural filtration process—its taste profile is imbued with nuances of mineral notes characteristic to the ignimbrite stratum. Antipodes is fully committed to environmental preservation, and sustainability is inherent in the brand’s philosophy. This passionate adherence to sustainably resonates in the brand’s certification as carbon-neutral, a testament not only to Antipodes’ environmental responsibility but also its commitment to delivering an unrivalled sparkling mineral water experience.

Storage Instructions

For optimal freshness, keep Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water at a temperature between 10°C and 20°C (50°F and 68°F). Keep the bottle upright, tightly sealed, and stowed away from direct sunlight. Once opened, it’s advisable to consume it within a few days.