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Pâté en Croûte by CiÇou

Rich, meaty, savory

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This Pâté En Croûte is a hearty, flavorful French classic, baked by Chef Cyrille Soenen of CiҪou á la Maison.


A pâté is a savory mixture of ground meats, usually supplemented by nuts, vegetables, eggs, spices, fruits, herbs, alcohol, etc. A Pâté En Croûte is a pastry charcuterie, comprised of a pâté baked in a pastry, or a pie crust, which is cooked in a terrine.

This one by Chef Cyrille Soenen of CiҪou á la Maison is filled with duck liver, duck breast, chicken, pork loin, pork belly, and pistachio nuts. It’s encased in a beautiful pistachio dough.

It’s a very unique and rich dish, meaty and savory, and completely scrumptious.

You may choose from two variants:

  • Pâté en Croûte portion - which is equivalent to 1 slice in a vacuum sealed pack.
  • Pâté en Croûte whole - Available for pre-order. A whole Pâté en Croûte is equivalent to approximately 12 portions once sliced. Will be cling-wrapped as a whole.


Pâté En Croûte can be eaten cold, and paired with pickles and mustard as an appetizer. But it’s usually served as an entrée. Have it warm and as the star of your plate, partnered with a good salad.

For drinks, pair with a light, fruity wine, or a dry sherry.


Back in the Middle Ages, and especially in castle cuisine, meat dishes were usually baked in pies and terrines. These were both common methods of keeping meat longer.

The crust, though, used to be completely inedible. Because it wasn’t supposed to be eaten. Initially made with the specific purpose of preservation, it was very, very hard. Of course, pie crust has now evolved, and are very much edible.

Storage Instructions

It is imperative that your Pâté en Croûte be stored in fridge. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. We recommend you consume it as soon as possible to enjoy in its best quality.

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