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A purveyor of excellent coffees from around the world, Malongo consciously partners with single-origin and fair-trade growers. Their Ethiopian Moka Sidamo represents the richest and best taste of the region. Comes in ground coffee (tin), green beans and roasted beans.

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Ethiopia is known for having some of the boldest coffee beans, all from a vast array of landscapes and altitudes. Sidamo is one of the three trademarked coffee regions in Ethiopia and is sometimes considered the place where the first coffee beans in Africa originated. Moka from this area is known for being rich and of full body, with a vibrant crisp acidity and notes that are at once floral, berry-filled, and citrusy.

  • Green Beans – The unroasted version of this fruity bean, which will be roasted for you by Malongo right before delivery.
  • Roasted Coffee Beans – Ready-to-grind whole Arabica beans, coaxed to full aroma and flavor by expert roasters.
  • Les Pures Origines Coffee Tin – Traditionally roasted and vacuum packed before being tinned, these grounds of single-origin coffee are ready for immediate brewing.


This full-bodied coffee works particularly well in an espresso. If you prefer paper filter methods, the classic Pour-Over or Chemex will really bring out the berry-like qualities of the grounds. Too much milk will overwhelm this coffee, but a small measure like that in a piccolo latte will add a sweet creaminess to it. Want something simpler? This is a very drinkable black coffee straight from a French Press.


Sidamo beans grow in the highlands of Ethiopia, between 5,000 and 7,000 feet above sea level. They are harvested between October to January after a slow growing process caused by the high elevation. The slow growth, though allows the beans to take more nutrients from the ground and develop their sought-after complexity and robustness of flavor.

Local legend in Ethiopia states that, centuries ago, a young goatherd named Kaldi noticed his flock becoming strangely energized, even agitated, after they ate from a mysterious bush of red berries. He tried the miracle for himself and thus discovered the power of coffee beans.

Store your coffee in an opaque, odor-free, airtight container in a dry, dark place at a cool room temperature. It’s best to consume coffee grounds within two weeks. Freshly roasted whole beans retain their freshness for up to one month.

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