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Danesi Emerald

A strong, intense coffee


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Premium Italian coffee, the Danesi Emerald is thick and earthy, with a wonderfully full body. This is perfect for people who prefer their coffee strong.


The Danesi Emerald is a premium Italian coffee blend of African Robusta and Brazilian Natural Arabica. Made in Rome, Italy, this full-bodied coffee is medium roast, and has a unique strength and intensity. Thick and earthy, it has a low acidity and nice slight sweetness. This is a coffee that is perfect for those who love a stronger espresso.


A strong coffee, the Danesi Emerald is perfect to wake you up as your first cup of the day. Enjoy it with a hearty breakfast! It’s also great to pair with sweet desserts, like chocolate cake, fruit tarts, cupcakes, or pavlovas.


Alfredo Danesi, expert and curator of secret coffee blends, founded Danesi Caffe in 1905. He led the spread of Roman coffee culture, and what is presently known as traditional Roman espresso. When his son, Giovanni, took over the company, revenue increased, sales expanded, and the international export of Danesi Coffee began.

It was in 1990, under the management of Giovanni’s sons—Alfredo and Roberto, that the process of modernization commenced, still with keeping in line with traditional preparations that set Danesi apart.

Today, it is a fully female-run company, headed by Roberto’s four daughters. The fourth generation of Danesi continues the successful development of the company—keeping up with technological advancements, modern trends and challenges, and training Danesi staff with up-to-date processes, but always honoring the time-old traditions and quality that their forebears passed down.

Storage Instructions

Store your coffee in an opaque, odor-free, airtight container in a dry, dark place at a cool room temperature. It’s best to consume coffee grounds within two weeks. Freshly roasted whole beans retain their freshness for up to one month.

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