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Large Baskets (for Bow Tie Duck Bundles)

Large woodĀ­en basĀ­kets that you can ask The Bow Tie Duck to packĀ­age your Gift Sets/ā€‹BunĀ­dles in. SimĀ­ple packĀ­agĀ­ing thatā€™s also reusable! 

Only availĀ­able for purĀ­chase along with a Bow Tie Duck Gift Set

ComĀ­plete the giftĀ­ing expeĀ­riĀ­ence this holĀ­iĀ­day seaĀ­son by optĀ­ing to have The Bow Tie Duck BunĀ­dles and Gift Sets packĀ­aged in Large BasĀ­kets. Large BasĀ­kets are only availĀ­able for select Gift Sets. RecĀ­omĀ­mendĀ­ed basĀ­ket is indiĀ­catĀ­ed on each Gift Set page, to aid you in your selection. 

The Bow Tie Duck Guarantees

All over the world

We import from all over the world and respect the strictest international norms about the cold chain to ensure the safest and tastiest experience.

The Best Products on Earth

Our first job is to be the curators of your palate. We keep on traveling around the world, tasting and negociating products for your pleasure.

Delivery at your place

Upon order, our logistics ducks will prepare your delicacies and our delivery partner will come to you with your items in an insulated box.