San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 16pc / 24pc case

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Enjoy the epitome of natural mineral water contained in a classic bottle that has lingered for over 120 years. The S. Pellegrino sparkling mineral water dances on your tongue with effervescent bubbles while treating you to a lively thirst-quenching experience. Just what you need for your favorite dishes.

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San Pellegrino S.p.A sparkling water naturally possesses lots of sulfur, and some of magnesium, mineral salts and calcium thanks to steady contact with volcanic rocks and limestone. The water is then blessed with carbon dioxide gotten from a natural mine. All these leave you with a glass of San Pellegrino mineral water that swooshes, sparkles, and trickles down your throat with a slightly bitter taste.


A bottle of Pellegrino water sitting at your table tells a story of its origin at the foothills of the Italian Alps. This water comes from 3 deep springs that take more than 30 years to get to its source. It has continued to be one of the most demanded and researched mineral water as far back as 1395. By allowing yourself a cup or bathing San Pellegrino mineral water you introduce yourself to a lot of therapeutic benefits. This water helps in bone enhancement, promoting digestion, encouraging beautiful skin, lowering bad cholesterol, replenishing fluids electrolytes, preventing muscle cramps, fighting kidney stone disease, urinary tract infection, and protecting the kidney.

With a superb balance in salinity, acidity, and a touch of bitter notes, you can match your glass of this spring water with any complementing or contrasting meal for an exceptional experience. You may also choose to give you drink some edge by adding some lemon slices for extra zest or some Amarerena Fabbri Cherries for a pop of cherry.

From the Leader of the Global Mineral Water Market

In Italy, in the province of Bergamo, at the San Pellegrino Terme region sits the plant of the world-renown mineral water supplier, San Pellegrino S.p.A. The firm started production in 1899, having taken the needed steps to protect its invaluable springs. Five years later, they were already producing 50,000 bottles a day. Today San Pellegrino produces over 50,000 bottles of water per hour, has 1850 workers, runs other brands like Acqua Panna and Vera, and has other drinks like cocktails and soft drinks.

As of 2016, this world-leading, mineral water firm made 895 million euros, and in 2017 sold over 1 billion bottles globally. It dominates the global mineral water market, shipping to all parts of the world. It has also been featured in numerous movies, institutionalized several exciting programs like the San Pellegrino Young Chef, and continues to embrace environmentally sustainable equipment, techs, and strategies.

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