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Hand-Carved Jamón Ibérico Bellota Premium DOP Los Pedroches 80g

Prince of Hams

This 100% jamón ibéri­co de bel­lota from the pro­tect­ed region of Los Pedroches in Andalu­sia, Spain has beau­ti­ful col­oration and a well-bal­anced sweet-salty taste. It has received the Enci­na de Oro” Award five times and won the cov­et­ed Great Taste Award thrice. Hand-carved by Txanton’s Mas­ter Carver. 


Across thir­ty-three towns in the Val­ley of Los Pedroches, dehe­sas (pas­ture grass­land with scat­tered trees) of holm oaks are home to well-fed herds of the large, dark-skinned Iber­ian pigs. Liv­ing freely off the land on a diet of grass and acorns, the local­ly nick­named pata negras are valu­able all around the world for their hams — jamón ibéri­co. Los Pedroches is one of only four regions in Spain with pro­tect­ed des­ig­na­tion of ori­gin sta­tus for this prod­uct. Their vari­ant has a slight­ly paler gold­en fat cov­er lay­er than oth­er pro­tect­ed ibéri­cos, with bright pink to red-pur­ple meat that has a light­ly salt­ed, sweet fla­vor and a mild­ly fibrous tex­ture. It is salt­ed and cured for between 30 to 40 months accord­ing to the spe­cif­ic tech­niques that have been used in this region for decades.


The per­fect com­pan­ion to jamón ibéri­co — if you choose not to savor this ham all on its own — is the raw sheep’s milk cheese called manchego. Served at room tem­per­a­ture, eat­en in sep­a­rate bites, the full range of fla­vors in this pair­ing will send you straight to the idyl­lic Span­ish coun­try­side. A bit of olive oil-driz­zled toast and sliced toma­toes is all you need to com­plete your sim­ple but hearty lunch plate. If you don’t feel up to toast­ed bread, crunchy picos (short Span­ish bread­sticks) are also clas­sic accom­pa­ni­ments for jamón ibéri­co. For dessert, small squares of can­taloupe or hon­ey­dew mel­on are all you need. To quench your thirst, your best red wine choic­es are Tem­pranil­los or Rio­jas — the younger and earth­i­er, the bet­ter. When asked, some Spaniards will rec­om­mend a dry sher­ry wine like a Fino or Man­zanil­la as well. And should you pre­fer some­thing bub­bly, a dry Cava will pair bet­ter than one of its sweet­er variants.


Pro­tect­ed, cher­ished, the jamón ibéri­co comes in care­ful­ly man­aged shapes and sizes. By the time the ham reach­es your table, it has been aged, weighed, and sep­a­rat­ed into four col­or grades. The white-labeled jamón ibéri­co de cebo comes from a farm-raised, grain-fed pig breed that is at least 50% Iber­ian hog. Green labels go to the jamón ibéri­co de cebo de cam­po, from 50% Iber­ian hogs raised on a pas­ture and fed a mix of grains and acorns. This change in diet shifts the fla­vors of the ham. Red-labeled jamón ibéri­co de bel­lota come from pas­ture-raised pigs that are at least 50% black Iber­ian, and they are only fed acorns and grass from the dehe­sa. Black-labeled jamón 100% ibéri­co de bel­lota only come from pure-bred pata negras gorg­ing on the boun­ty of the dehesa.

Storage Instructions

Store in the fridge. 

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