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Casa Rinaldi Pink Salt of Himalaya 200g

Naturally Harvested

Hav¬≠ing sat for over 200 mil¬≠lion years in the Kher¬≠wa salt mine, Himalayan Salt is a priced pos¬≠ses¬≠sion for those seek¬≠ing the numer¬≠ous min¬≠er¬≠als it has over the reg¬≠u¬≠lar table salt. This nat¬≠u¬≠ral¬≠ly processed pink salt comes with loads of need¬≠ed min¬≠er¬≠als with the major¬≠i¬≠ty being Cal¬≠ci¬≠um, potas¬≠si¬≠um, iron, and sodi¬≠um chlo¬≠ride. Use it like your reg¬≠u¬≠lar table salt or lever¬≠age its min¬≠er¬≠als in oth¬≠er application.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

While the Himalayan salt taste like reg¬≠u¬≠lar salt, it remains a lux¬≠u¬≠ri¬≠ous and fas¬≠ci¬≠nat¬≠ing alter¬≠na¬≠tive to table salt. This unique salt gets its love¬≠ly pink col¬≠or from the 84 min¬≠er¬≠als in it; most¬≠ly iron. You can insert the right amount of your Himalayan in your food before and after cook¬≠ing to gain the loads of oth¬≠er essen¬≠tial min¬≠er¬≠als it offers.


To ensure you are left with a nat¬≠ur¬≠al salt, high¬≠ly skilled work¬≠ers fol¬≠low a more tra¬≠di¬≠tion¬≠al and nat¬≠ur¬≠al approach dur¬≠ing the har¬≠vest¬≠ing of this salt. Casa Rinaldi‚Äôs Himalayan Sea Salt is a very pure salt. Himalayan Sea Salt ‚Äč‚Äödis¬≠tin¬≠guish¬≠able for its beau¬≠ti¬≠ful pink hue. Great for sea¬≠son¬≠ing meats, grilled veg¬≠eta¬≠bles, a vari¬≠ety of sal¬≠ads (such as pas¬≠ta, egg or pota¬≠to sal¬≠ads), soups & stews and blends well into recipes when bak¬≠ing. Himalayan salt has become well known for its amaz¬≠ing health ben¬≠e¬≠fits. It is believed to re-min¬≠er¬≠al¬≠ize the body with min¬≠er¬≠als and trace ele¬≠ments essen¬≠tial to our health and well being. 

A Salt Rich in History

Himalayan salt is native to the land of Pak¬≠istan in Pun¬≠jab, where it was first found and mined in the 12th cen¬≠tu¬≠ry. This rock salt is nat¬≠u¬≠ral¬≠ly occur¬≠ring and is rumored to be a result of great waters in the past that dried up. Tak¬≠ing a trip to Pun¬≠jab, you will find this pink salt at the Potho¬≠har Plateau where it is being mined in the Khewra salt mine, one of the largest and old¬≠est salt mine in the world.

Despite the boun¬≠ti¬≠ful sup¬≠ply of pink salt in the region, skilled work¬≠ers fol¬≠low the nat¬≠ur¬≠al route of pro¬≠cess¬≠ing to ensure that you are left with only the trea¬≠sured min¬≠er¬≠als and no arti¬≠fi¬≠cial addi¬≠tions. Though the process is slow, Pun¬≠jab mine has man¬≠aged to remain the high¬≠est provider of pink salt in the world, man¬≠u¬≠fac¬≠tur¬≠ing over 350,000 tons per year. 

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Ide¬≠al¬≠ly used with your pre¬≠ferred salt grinder. 

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