Beillevaire Prestige Butters in Tins

Creamy, Rich Luxury

Beillevaire’s traditionally churned butters get taken to new heights with decadent flavors mixed in. The fruit of partnerships with only the finest producers in France, their Prestige Collection will take your meals to new heights of gastronomic bliss.

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These butters are made from pasteurized cream, worked with a traditional churn to give them incredibly smooth, creamy tastes and a suppleness no industrial-grade butter can imitate. This is Beillevaire’s guarantee of excellence.

  • Truffle Butter – Truffle bits are finely grated into this butter before it is given a final churn and packed into the tin. ( for pre-order)

  • Caviar Butter – Malossol-salted sturgeon caviar is carefully folded into the butter before tinning. (for pre-order)

  • Lobster Oil Butter – The vibrance of oil infused with European lobster is blended with the butter for added richness. (on-hand)


Beillevaire’s gourmet churned butters can take you from simple fare—toasted bread slices to enjoy their enhanced flavors—to more sumptuous meals. The truffle butter is great with crusty bread, but for full dish preparations, nutty, earthy recipes are the best places to use it. As for the caviar and lobster oil butters, they are excellent for brushing over fish fillets before grilling or baking and are lovely finishes for a wide array of seafood dishes.


From a small cheese dairy in Machecoul in the Loire-Atlantique, Pascal Beillevaire grew his business by searching out and partnering with the best cheesemakers from each region in France. He further expanded to other creamery products and produced his butter line and, in efforts to showcase all the best of French gastronomical efforts, he’s reached out purveyors of other fine foods as well.

Sturia is an innovative sturgeon breeder based in Bordeaux that gets its caviar from the historic cradle of French sturgeon caviar, Aquitaine. Caviar from this region is IGP-certified, making it one of the highest-quality caviar in Europe. The cannery of Groix & Nature in Lorient, Brittany prides itself on sourcing straight from the island of Groix in Southern Brittany. Every one of their products contributes to the sustenance of the local fishing and canning trades, making the company an important part of life in the region.


This product page, at any given point in time, can offer both pre-ordered variants/flavors and on-hand variant/ flavors of butter.

Shall you choose to avail of an on-hand butter variant, provided it is verified in stock with our source after you have purchased, we will deliver to you the said variant on the date that it is expected, usually covered by the 48 hours schedule.

Shall you choose a pre-ordered butter variant, please note that this will follow the expected Wednesday cutoff and following Friday delivery. Like any pre-ordered item, this will only be available while the producer from overseas is able to supply and allow air-flown delivery. In case of delivery or flight delays, delivery cancellations, “out of stock” notices, or “out of season” notices after purchase, you will be contacted by our Support Team. You will receive a refund or product replacement, or you can choose a new delivery date for your item.

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Refrigerate your butter immediately after it arrives, leaving it in its original tin. Once opened, it has a 2 weeks shelf life in the refrigerator.

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